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Nov 20th, 2013

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Dumpster Dive! is an endless runner through garbage, a trash surfing, food-fetching simulator.


Dumpster Dive! is the first prologue of OOGLE QUEST: scum life simulator. Think of this as a bootcamp for street urchin survival. The skills you learn here will help you in later episodes. This game is dedicated to every golden bag waiting in the dumpster around the building, beckoning to be discovered by those brave enough to dive in.


  • UNIQUE DUMPSTERS: test your diving prowess in a variety of dumpsters, each with their own individual perks and pitfalls
  • UNLOCKABLE SOUNDTRACK: featuring great DIY bands and musicians that add to the punk aesthetic of the game
  • LEADERBOARDS and ACHIEVEMENTS: compete against fellow scavangers and prove your dumpster spelunking abilities
  • CUSTOMIZE CHARACTERS: from mohawks to devilocks, ratty tanks to studded vests, and a variety of colors to bool, make your 'pixel punk' however you choose!
  • MONTHLY UPDATES: with additional content such as new dumpsters, music tracks, special characters and more!
  • NO ADS or IAPs: pay once for the complete game
  • and PIXEL ART because why not!


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Awards & Recognition

    Dumpster Dive has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "Dumpster Dive! is the first ever garbage themed endless runner, and it looks like a tonne of fun. It has a unique gameplay style, a killer punk soundtrack, and some truly wicked pixel graphics. This is one game that doesn’t deserve a place in the trash!"
        - SuperGameDroid, http://www.supergamedroid.com

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      Dumpster Dive Credits

      Cody Diefenthaler
      Developer, CHUDCHUD Industries



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