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Dec 2014

Nintendo Wii U


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uWordsmith is the ultimate two-screen word puzzle game for the Wii U™ console! Unique gameplay features photos on the TV you must spell by dragging and arranging letter blocks on the Wii U™ GamePad. Hundreds of items, a variety of modes, and bragging rights on the Miiverse™ will keep you and your friends hooked on this exclusive title available on the Nintendo eShop!



  • Unique Gameplay: solve each item by dragging and arranging letter blocks on the GamePad to match the photo on the TV.
  • Tons of Content: hundreds of items in a variety of categories to keep you guessing.
  • Arcade Mode: it’s a race against the clock as you solve as many items as you can.
  • Challenge Mode: solve all the items in each category to earn stars and unlock more content.
  • Mosaic Mode: can you figure out the item when the photo is only a handful of tiles?
  • Multiplayer: up to four friends can play Arcade and Mosaic modes to decide who is the ultimate wordsmith!
  • Miiverse Support: post your high scores and achievements on Miiverse and brag to the world about your wordsmithing abilities!


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Awards & Recognition

    uWordsmith has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

    • "if you like word puzzle games, this is right your alley"
      - shadowharold20, shigerureviews.wordpress.com
    • "I like uWordsmith. I like it a lot. uWordsmith is one of those games up to four family members can enjoy at the same time. "
      - Yolanda, Family Friendly Gaming
    • "uWordSmith Is In Development For The Wii U"
      - Liam Doolan, NintendoLife

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    uWordsmith Credits

    Cody Diefenthaler
    Developer, CHUDCHUD Industries



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